The Palestinian International Dental Conference

title conferenceLast month I gave a lecture at The Palestinian International Dental Conference. I have to start this post thanking particularly to the BAIRD Academy and the Palestine Dentistry Society for inviting me to the congress and make me feel like I was at home. I want to thank especially Dr. Hassan Maghaireh, Dr. Raed Junaidy, Dr. Anan Amro, and Dr. Ahmad Abd El-Ghani for all their help and for showing me the most beautiful areas of Jordan, Palestine and Jerusalem.

The topic I covered was about Magnification, Cumulative Trauma Disorders (CTDs), Ergonomics and 4 Handed Workflow. For me, all those 4 concepts, are intimately related.

posterOur manual capacity is limited by our own eyes. It’s because of that why we cannot be more precise, simple as that. To be able to see fine details, we have to bring the object closer to the eye. This is why dentists have to bend down over the patient’s mouth, and this is why dentist have back problems.

The use of magnification is the way to overcome our eye’s limitations. This will also make us work in a neutral and healthy position resulting in long lasting professional career.

4 handed workflow is the masterpiece which completes the ergonomic puzzle. Here you have a couple of videos where I show basic movements which you can start using till you develope your own technique. The first video has been recorded in 30 minutes with an assistant with no previous experience at all; and the second one with a new assistant after one month training. Watch in HD.

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“Make it a point to do something every day that you don’t want to do. This is the golden rule for acquiring the habit of doing your duty without pain.”  Mark Twain.

PhD. MSc. Dr. Pablo Salmeron.

Microscope hands on course in your own practice

brochure hands on
I would like to introduce you this course I teach about the use of the microscope in your own practice. This course is recommended for those dentist who own a microscope (the brand doesn’t matter) and want to improve their technical skills with it.

The course takes place in your own practice with your own team and assistants, in your own space and with your own patients, so you will be able to maximize the use of the microscope making a pleasant working experience.

You can only treat what you see.

PhD. MSc. Dr. Pablo Salmeron.