Broken file retrieval on an upper second molar

This patient was referred to me for a re-root canal treatment of an upper left second molar (27). This tooth presented a broken instrument in the palatal canal. Due to the location of the tooth (the last one) and the location of the broken file at the apex, the treatment became an important challenge. For these types of cases, I always take a CBCT to properly plan the treatment.

value honesty with all my patients, and I always explain the challenges of each case and the possible outcomes to them. With the right experience, planning, and tools, complex cases are typically successful. My advice is always to seek out an experienced specialist to address these situations and prevent further damage.

While results may vary from patient to patient, they are highly predictable in the vast majority of cases.

Keep challenging yourself to think better, do better, and be better.

PhD. MSc. Dr. Pablo Salmeron at Dr. Roze & Associates.