For as long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed working with my hands. As I child, I attended painting classes, took part in arts and crafts, was a model-building enthusiast playing with Meccanos, disassembled computers and televisions, always keeping pieces of useless gadgets “in case I ever needed them.” Being a dentist gives me the opportunity to continue that passion of “playing” with my hands, combining technology and art in search of perfection by focusing on the finest details

Endodontics is my passion. During the past few years I have dedicated my practice exclusively to Endodontics, in addition to this I have been teaching at the prestigious University of Manchester and lecturing at international courses. I love to share my knowledge and experience, this enables me to help other dentist grow and develop within in my field. The use of the surgical microscope has elevated my practice to include the latest technical breakthroughs in the fields of Microscopic Endodontics and Microsurgery. I am currently based in Dubai, working with Dr. Roze & Associates focusing my clinical practice on Endodontics.