Lateral chronic periodontitis

This case was referred to me for a re-root canal treatment of an upper left second premolar (25).

The tooth was presenting a lateral periodontitis which can indicate either a tooth fracture or an untreated lateral canal. 

For these kind of cases I always take a CBCT (3D x-ray) to ensure proper treatment planing and to obtain more information about the possible cause of the problem. I like to be very honest with all my patients and I always explain them the challenges of every case and the possible outcomes. 

The treatment was successful and, although a lateral canal wasn’t visible on the x-ray, it was likely the cause of the problem. A proper disinfection protocol and the use of advanced technologies and techniques are crucial for improving treatment success rates.

With the right experience, planning and tools complex cases are usually successful. I always recommend seeking out a specialist with experience to fix this kind of situations and to prevent further damage. The result may vary from patient to patient but it’s very predictable in the vast majority of cases. Let me save your tooth. 

Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.

PhD. MSc. Dr. Pablo Salmeron at Dr. Roze & Associates.